Thank you for visiting my site.  My name is Martin Jolley and I have been painting for about 15 years.  A drawing instructor at a local community center showed me some fundamentals of line, shape, shadowing, etc.  Then more formal classes with fantastic artists like Shawn Cornell (and Dave, his dad), Joshua Been, Kim Casebeer, Susan Mayfiels and especially KC friends and artists, Peggy Wilson and Debbie Payne.

     I enjoy Plein Air oils and paint with groups here in Salida, CO as well as a group in Kansas City, MO (when I get back there).  I have fun painting old metal lawn chairs and have donated several to various charities and managed to sell a few as well.  I give away most of my watercolor cards but I find those the most fun.  Maybe because they are quick.  

     My sculptures are all found objects, pieces of stuff given to me or whatever is left over from some other project.  I know that I hang on to things for quite a while, but I generally find a use.

     Please, enjoy my artistic endeavors.  I had fun making them and I hope you find them entertaining.  Should you find something you like and would like to purchase, please email me at:  Thank you.

Desolation Row - CO Hwy 17